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Persistence and effect of processing on reduction of chlorantraniliprole residues on brinjal and okra fruits

Vijayasree, V., Bai, Hebsy, Beevi, S. Naseema, Mathew, Thomas Biju, George, Thomas, Xavier, George
Environmental monitoring and assessment 2015 v.187 no.5 pp. 299
decontamination, eggplants, fruits, half life, insecticide residues, okra, spraying
Dissipation and decontamination of chlorantraniliprole (Coragen 18.5 SC) in brinjal and okra fruits were studied following field application at single and double doses of 30 and 60 g ai ha⁻¹, and the residues of the insecticide was estimated using LC-MS/MS. Initial residues of chlorantraniliprole at single and double doses on the fruits of brinjal were 0.72 and 1.48 mg kg⁻¹, while on okra fruits, the residues were 0.48 and 0.91 mg kg⁻¹, respectively. The residues reached below detectable level of 0.01 mg kg⁻¹ on the 10th day. Half-life of chlorantraniliprole at 30 and 60 g ai ha⁻¹ on brinjal was 1.58 and 1.80 days with the calculated waiting period of 0.69 and 2.38 days, whereas on okra, the values were 1.60 and 1.70 and 0 and 1.20 days, respectively. The extent of removal of chlorantraniliprole using simple decontaminating techniques at 2 h and 3 days after spraying was 40.99–91.37 % and 29.85–89.12 %, respectively, from brinjal fruits and 47.78–86.10 % and 41.77–86.48 %, respectively, from okra fruits.