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Rapid Assessment Survey of the Ant Fauna of Green Island, Cameron County, Texas

Calixto Alejandro A., Drees Bastiaan M., Peña Iliana A.
Southwestern entomologist 2012 v.37 no.2 pp. 141-145
Solenopsis geminata, Solenopsis invicta, coasts, fauna, invasive species, monitoring, nesting, rapid methods, surveys, water birds, Texas
We did a rapid assessment of ants on Green Island, a strategic nesting location for colonial waterbirds on the Texas coast. We found 10 ant species by using bait or collecting by hand. The tropical fire ant, Solenopsis geminata (F.), was the most common species, accounting for 42% of the ants collected. We found the area free of the red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta Buren, a potential threat for the native ant assemblage and conservation of colonial waterbirds. We recommend more surveys and adoption of surveillance protocols to prevent introduction of invasive species.