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Parasitologic and pathologic observations of the house sparrow (passer domesticus)

Ozmen, Ozlem, Adanir, Ramazan, Haligur, Mehmet, Albayrak, Tamer, Kose, Onur, Ipek, Volkan
Journal of zoo and wildlife medicine 2013 v.44 no.3 pp. 564-569
Cestoda, Passer domesticus, Tetrameres, Trematoda, birds, blood, endoparasites, females, gastrointestinal system, liver, lungs, pneumonia, proventriculus
This study describes the parasites and related pathologic observations in the house sparrow (Passer domesticus). In total, 48 birds were examined and 41 sparrows were found to be infected with one or more endoparasites (85.4%). The most common parasites were liver trematodes identified as Brachydistomum microscelis and Brachydistomum gracupicae. In addition, coccidia and a cestode (Infula spp.) were observed. In one bird, one female Tetrameres sp. and one female Microtetrameres sp. were found in the proventriculus. No blood parasite was found after examination of the blood smears. No gross pathologic lesion was seen in the organs except for the proventriculus, gut, and liver. At histologic examination small necrotic areas and inflammatory reactions were seen in the liver and the gastrointestinal system related to the parasites. Incidentally, anthracosis was diagnosed in 23 and mild pneumonia in 12 of the lungs.