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Clinical manifestations of pancreas disease outbreaks in Norwegian marine salmon farming – variations due to salmonid alphavirus subtype

Jansen, M D, Jensen, B Bang, Brun, E
Journal of fish diseases 2015 v.38 no.4 pp. 343-353
Alphavirus, Salmonidae, disease outbreaks, fish culture, mortality, pancreas disease, seawater, slaughter
Pancreas disease (PD) in Norwegian salmonid aquaculture has traditionally been caused by salmonid alphavirus (SAV) subtype 3. Following the isolation of a novel SAV subtype in 2010, marine SAV2, two separate endemic areas have developed. It has been debated whether disease outbreaks due to marine SAV2 result in milder clinical manifestations compared to outbreaks caused by SAV3. The aim of this study was to descriptively investigate site‐level differences in the clinical manifestations of marine SAV2 and SAV3 at Norwegian seawater sites diagnosed with PD in 2012. The findings suggest that Norwegian PD outbreaks caused by marine SAV2 result in lower mortality and milder clinical signs compared to outbreaks caused by SAV3. For sites without reported PD‐related mortality, there was no difference in the mortality levels between sites infected by marine SAV2 and SAV3. The results also indicate that there are no differences in grading quality at slaughter between the SAV subtypes.