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The Effects of Black Cumin, Black Caraway Extracts and Their Combination on Shelf Life Extension of Silver Carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) during Refrigerated Storage

Eskandari, Soheyl, Hosseini, Hedayat, Gholamzadeh, Marzieh, Mousavi Khaneghah, Amin, Hosseini, Ebrahim
Journal of food safety 2015 v.35 no.2 pp. 154-160
Bunium persicum, Hypophthalmichthys molitrix, Nigella sativa, antibacterial properties, antioxidants, bacteria, caraway, cold storage, fish, flavorings, freshness, lipid peroxidation, perishable foods, peroxide value, plate count, sensory evaluation, sensory properties, shelf life, spoilage, thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances, total volatile basic nitrogen
This study aimed to determine the antioxidant and the antibacterial activities of Nigella sativa L. (Cu) and Bunium persicum Boiss (Ca) extracts on the shelf life of silver carp, which is stored at 4 ± 1C for 15 days. In order to evaluate the quality of fish samples, some tests such as microbiological total viable count (TVC) and psychrotrophic count, chemical peroxide value, thiobarbituric acid reactive substances, and total volatile base nitrogen and sensory characteristics were analyzed over a period of 15 days. The results indicated that the lipid oxidation and spoilage of the samples have been delayed in three treatments of the extracts significantly (P < 0.05) in comparison with the control. Also, the psychotropic bacteria and TVC remained lower than the proposed acceptable limit (7 log₁₀colony‐forming unit/g). According to the sensory analysis results, the treatment of Cu extract had high quality and enhanced the beneficial effects on sensory characteristics. Results show that the B. persicum Boiss and N. sativa L. extracts have significant effect on extension of the shelf life of fresh silver carp up to 6–9 days at refrigerated storage condition. PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS: The consumers tend to eat fresh fishes rather than processed or frozen ones, while the shelf life of refrigerated fish, as a highly perishable food, is normally short. The main reason for the deterioration of fish is chemical and bacteriological activities that lead to loss of quality and subsequent spoilage. So, using different methods in order to extend the shelf life of fish is an important issue. Black caraway and black cumin are consumed widely as spices and traditional flavorings in food. These spices, regarding to their antioxidant and antibacterial properties, can be used in order to extend the shelf life and freshness quality of fishes during refrigerated storage. Results show that the Bunium persicum Boiss and Nigella sativa L. extracts have significant effect on the extension of shelf life of fresh silver carp up to 6–9 days at refrigerated storage condition.