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Active coatings for food packaging: a new strategy for table grape storage

Cefola, M., Pace, B., Bugatti, V., Vittoria, V.
Acta horticulturae 2015 no.1071 pp. 121-127
antioxidant activity, coatings, food packaging, polyethylene, postharvest technology, shelf life, sulfur dioxide, table grapes
Table grape producers worldwide are constantly searching for new technologies that will allow grape clusters to maintain the fresh appearance they had immediately following harvest. Postharvest technologies used to extend table grape shelf-life include active packaging. In this paper, the effect of active PET packaging on the marketability and rachis browning development of ‘Red Globe’ and ‘Crimson’ seedless table grape was assessed, in comparison to the storage in polyethylene (PE) film alone or in combination with SO2 pad. Active PET showed significant effect on the marketability and antioxidant activity preservation in comparison with the use of SO2 pad. In particular, the active PET is able to ensure the marketability of the table grape, resulting a good competitor compared to the methods using the SO2, slowing the process of rachis browning. In particular, the marketability of ‘Crimson’ is maximized by employing such system, whereas, it is reduced by 9 and 13% using PE alone or in combination with SO2 pad. As for ‘Red Globe’, the marketability is positively influenced by the active PET which together with SO2 pad guarantees maximum marketability, while the storage in PE alone causes a rapid loss of quality. In conclusion, active PET resulted a possible valid alternative to SO2 in table grape storage.