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Changes in the physical properties of honey powder during storage

Samborska, Katarzyna, Langa, Elwira, Bakier, Sławomir
International journal of food science & technology 2015 v.50 no.6 pp. 1359-1365
bulk density, cohesion, color, gum arabic, honey, hygroscopicity, particle size, powders, sodium caseinate, spray drying, storage time, water activity, water content
Honey powders produced by spray drying with the addition of Arabic gum and sodium caseinate were characterised in terms of the influence of storage time on the following physical properties: particle size, moisture content, water activity, bulk density, flowability and hygroscopicity. The storage affected those properties; after 12 weeks of storage, particle size decreased (except Arabic gum powder treated as a control sample), moisture content and water activity increased, hygroscopicity decreased. Changes in bulk density, particle size and moisture content caused the rise of Hausner ratio value; however, the powders were still characterised by a very good flow properties and low cohesiveness. The colour of reconstituted powders was also affected by storage; in most of samples, the darkening, reduction in redness and yellowness were observed. Colour parameters were the most stable in powders obtained with the addition of 2% w/w of sodium caseinate.