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Comparative Cytogenetic Study in Four Alopiinae Door Snails (Gastropoda, Clausiliidae)

Petraccioli, Agnese, Capriglione, Teresa, Colomba, Mariastella, Crovato, Paolo, Odierna, Gaetano, Sparacio, Ignazio, Maio, Nicola
Malacologia 2015 v.58 no.1–2 pp. 225-232
Gastropoda, chromosome number, karyotyping, loci, snails, staining
A cytogenetic study was carried out by means of standard and NOR-FISH staining methods on the chromosomes of four Alopiinae door snails, two species of the Delimini tribe (Siciliaria paestana and Papillifera bidens) and two species of Medorini tribe (Leucostigma candidescens and Medora sp.). The two Delimini species and Medora sp. showed similar karyotypes, concerning the number of chromosomes, 2n = 62, and the first metacentric pair of chromosomes clearly bigger than the other pairs, but differed in the number of the telocentric pairs: none in P. bidens, four in S. paestana and, even, 21 in Medora sp. Leucostigma candidescens had 2n = 48, all biarmed chromosomes. Loci of NORs were on a single medium small chromosome pair in all the four studied species. The obtained results evidence a relevant degree of intergeneric karyotypic diversity in Alopiinae, concerning both chromosome number and/or shape. The data allow us to make a hypothesis on the evolutionary chromosome trends for this door snail subfamily.