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Fiber Development of Ligon Lintless-2 Mutant of Cotton

Kohel, Russell J., Narbuth, E. V., Benedict, C. R.
Crop science 1992 v.32 no.3 pp. 733-735
Gossypium hirsutum, mutants, fiber quality, lint cotton, length, plant morphology, alleles, plant development, dry matter accumulation, genotype
A new fiber mutant character in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.), controlled by a single completely dominant gene, produces short fibers visually similar to those produced by the Ligon lintless-1 mutant. The new fiber mutant, Ligon lintless-2, has normal vegetative growth, unlike the stunted and deformed vegetative morphology of Ligon lintless- 1 plants. A fiber developmental study of Ligon lintless-2, Ligon lintless-1, TM-1, and normal segregates from crosses of Ligon lintless- 2 and TM-1 was conducted utilizing a randomized complete-block design. Mean fiber length, dry weight accumulation, and ratio of weight to length from anthesis to maturity were determined. Lines with the normal alleles were not significantly different from each other, but they were significantly different from Ligon lintless-1 and Ligon lintless-2 for fiber length and weight. Ligon lintless-2 was significantly lighter than Ligon lintless-1. The ratio of weight to length revealed no significant differences among the normal lines, but Ligon lintless-1 (which had the highest value) was significantly different from Ligon lintless-2. Differences in dry weight accumulation were attributed to the difference in secondary wall development between the two mutants.