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CO2 skin burning of 'cameo' apples during ca storage - reasons and possibilities to reduce the disorder

Neuwald, D. A., Streif, J., Kittemann, D.
Acta horticulturae 2015 no.1071 pp. 711-716
air, apples, ascorbic acid, carbon dioxide, color, controlled atmosphere storage, orchards, oxygen, postharvest diseases, shelf life
During controlled atmosphere storage (CA) ‘Cameo’ apples can develop a physiological skin burning disorder caused by CO2 injury, in which fruit from different orchards or site conditions can vary considerably in their sensitivity. We investigated some possible reasons for differences in skin injury sensitivity. Apples from two orchards were picked with different red blush colour intensities (low intensity: <25% of surface with blush colour; high intensity: >50% of surface with blush colour) and then stored at 1°C in two CA-conditions (1 kPa O2 plus <0.7 kPa CO2 or 1 kPa O2 plus 3.0 kPa CO2) using either a rapid establishment of CA or a delay in regular air of 21 d. Fruit were evaluated after 6 months storage plus 7 d shelf-life at 20°C. Delayed CA as well as lower CO2 partial pressures in CA storage reduced skin burning in ‘Cameo’ apples. Fruit with higher blush colour showed less skin burning at storage out-turn. The skin of affected fruit showed lower levels of ascorbic acid (AA).