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Advanced technique for three-dimensional visualization of compound distributions in a rice kernel

Ogawa, Y., Sugiyama, J., Kuensting, H., Ohtani, T., Hagiwara, S., Liu, X.Q., Kokubo, M., Yamamoto, A., Kudoh, K., Higuchi, T.
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2001 v.49 no.2 pp. 736-740
rice, image analysis, histochemistry, starch, lipids, plant proteins, spatial distribution
A three-dimensional (3D) visualization technique for the compound distribution in a rice kernel was developed. This technique is a combination of sectioning, staining, and digital image postprocessing. By using a special microtome system with adhesive tapes, a set of sequential sections of a rice kernel, which can be preserved with their own set of relative position data, was obtained. A single set of sequential sections was stained by various chemical techniques for the visualization of protein, starch, or lipid content. Each stained section was digitally captured using a CCD imaging device. As the stained areas represent areas containing dye-target complex, the distribution of each compound in the section was visualized in two dimensions. The digitally captured images of a single set of sequential sections were reconstructed to produce a 3D plotting image. As a result, the distributions of various compounds in a rice kernel could be visualized in a new 3D model.