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Influence of organic fertilizer application on pendimethalin volatilization and persistence in soil

Garcia-Valcarcel, A.I., Tadeo, J.L.
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2003 v.51 no.4 pp. 999-1004
pendimethalin, soil pollution, soil solution, volatilization, herbicide residues, humic acids, losses from soil, urea, liquid fertilizers, fulvic acids, organic fertilizers, half life
Laboratory studies were undertaken to evaluate the influence of fertilizers on pendimethalin volatilization and persistence in soil. Various organic fertilizers such as liquid humic substances and urea were used at doses of 100 L/ha or 170 kg of N/ha, respectively. Herbicide residues were determined in air, soil solution, and soil samples by GC-ECD; the recovery of pendimethalin from spiked fertilized or control samples was found to be 81-103%. Liquid humic fertilizers increased pendimethalin dissipation during the first part of the assay, although 4 months after application, herbicide levels were similar to those observed in unfertilized soil. Fertilization of soil with urea decreased, in general, pendimethalin volatilization but increased herbicide levels in soil solution and persistence in soil, with a pendimethalin half-life approximately 70% higher than that found in unfertilized soil.