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Fenton-dependent damage to carbohydrates: free radical scavenging activity of some simple sugars

Morelli, R., Russo-Volpe, S., Bruno, N., Lo Scalzo, R.
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2003 v.51 no.25 pp. 7418-7425
chemical reactions, iron, metal ions, hydrogen peroxide, maltose, sucrose, glucose, fructose, sorbitol, deoxysugars, antioxidant activity, free radicals
The antioxidant properties of simple carbohydrates were studied in a chemical system. Hydroxyl radicals generated by a Fenton reaction induce damage on simple carbohydrates with a consequent free radical scavenging activity. Carbohydrate activities were measured by different methods as spin-trapping of hydroxyl radical and electron paramagnetic resonance detection and 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl quenching. Carbohydrate damage was evaluated in a Fenton system by measuring the reactive substances to thiobarbituric acid, by their decreased detection with an HPLC test, and by a gas chromatographic determination of formic acid from sugar oxidation. Different intensities of damage and scavenging were found according to molecular structure, and some hyphotheses on the carbohydrate action against free radicals were attempted. The assayed disaccharides were shown to be more active toward and less damaged by hydroxyl radical than monosaccharides.