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Chemical compositional changes in two genetically diverse cultivars of mayhaw fruit at three maturity stages

Chapman, G.W. Jr., Horvat, R.J., Payne, J.A.
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 1993 v.41 no.10 pp. 1550-1552
Crataegus, succinic acid, malic acid, citric acid, quinic acid, fructose, sucrose, glucose, sorbitol, pectins, arabinose, galacturonic acid, ripening, cultivars
The levels of nonvolatile acids, sugars, and pectin and the carbohydrate composition of pectin were determined in two cultivars of mayhaw fruit (Yellow Gem, Crataegus aestivalis, and Super Spur, Crataegus opaca) at three stages of maturity. Malic acid was the principal acid found in both cultivars and decreased during fruit maturation. Malic acid levels did not decrease as rapidly in Yellow Gem as in Super Spur. Quinic acid also decreased in both cultivars, but the levels were higher in Yellow Gem than in Super Spur at all stages of maturity. Citric acid reached its highest level at the midripe stage in Super Spur and then decreased slightly by the ripe stage. This acid was found in only trace amounts in Yellow Gem at aU stages of maturity. Major sugar levels of fructose and glucose increased from the immature to the ripe stage in both cultivars, while sucrose and sorbitol changed very little. Total pectin levels did not change with maturity. However, appreciable changes were observed in pectin carbohydrate composition during maturation. In both cultivars, the arabinose content in pectin decreased, while galacturonic acid increased at the ripe stage.