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Composition factors affecting the water vapor permeability and tensile properties of hydrophilic films

Parris, N., Coffin, D.R., Joubran, R.F., Pessen, H.
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 1995 v.43 no.6 pp. 1432-1435
pectins, alginates, whey, milk, casein, dried skim milk, caseinates, plasticizers, permeability, lactates, tensile strength, sorbitol, mechanical properties, water vapor
The water vapor permeability of hydrophilic films was decreased without significantly compromising the film's tensile properties through the incorporation of whole milk, sodium caseinate, nonfat dry milk, or whey into the film and the proper choice of plasticizer. Sodium alginate films exhibited lower water vapor permeability values than films prepared using either low or high methoxylated pectin. Sodium lactate was found to be an effective plasticizer, and alginate films containing 50 wt % or more sodium lactate had elongations in excess of 13%. Films prepared with sorbitol as the plasticizer had the best water vapor permeability values but tended to be stiff and in some cases too brittle for tensile measurements. Addition of whole milk to film blends effectively reduced water vapor permeability values by up to 35%.