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Biological variation of lipid constituents and distribution of tocopherols and astaxanthin farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

Refsgaard, H.H.F., Brockhoff, P.B., Jensen, B.
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 1998 v.46 no.3 pp. 808-812
Salmo salar, astaxanthin, canthaxanthin, tocopherols, lipids, fatty acids, chemical composition
The contents of fat, astaxanthin, and tocopherols and the fatty acid composition of a homogeneous group of 145 farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) were determined. The analytical variation of the data was stastistically separated from the biological variation. The fat content in the muscle near the head was 15.0% with a biological standard deviation of 3.0%. The astaxanthin concentration was 5.5 mg/kg of muscle with a biological standard deviation of 1.1 mg/kg of muscle, and the canthaxanthin concentration was 200 microgram/kg of muscle with a standard deviation of 47 microgram/kg of muscle. The concentrations of alpha-, gamma-, and delta-tocopherols were approximately 32, 2.9, and 0.4 mg/kg of muscle, respectively, and the biological standard deviations were 4.5, 0.4, and 0.07 mg/kg (14, 14, and 20%), respectively. In another group of five salmon the distributions throughout the fillet were determined, longitudinally as well as transversally. The distribution of fat, astaxanthin, and tocopherols varied throughout the salmon. The fatty acid composition varied little between extracts from different locations of the fillet.