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Accelerated extraction of the fat content in cheese using a focused microwave-assisted Soxhlet device

Garcia-Ayuso, L.E., Velasco, J., Dobarganes, M.C., Luque de Castro, M.D.
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 1999 v.47 no.6 pp. 2308-2315
medium chain fatty acids, food analysis, long chain fatty acids, chemical analysis, laboratory equipment, microwave treatment, triacylglycerols, short chain fatty acids, high performance liquid chromatography, milk fat, extraction, hydrolysis, gas chromatography, microwave radiation, cream cheese, thin layer chromatography
A fast method for hydrolysis and extraction of fat in cheese based on the use of a Soxhlet extractor assisted by microwaves is proposed. The use of this type of energy dramatically reduces the time required for both steps (namely, the hydrolysis time was decreased from 1 h to 10 min with avoidance of the neutralization step, and the extraction time was decreased from 6 h to 40 min), providing similar efficiency and reproducibility comparable to or better than that of the conventional Soxhlet methodology. In addition, the proposed method is cleaner than conventional Soxhlet, as 80-85% of the extractant is recycled. The determination of the fatty acid composition by gas-liquid chromatography and quantification of both polymer formation by high-performance size exclusion liquid chromatography and nonpolar triacylglycerol formation by thin-layer chromatography with flame ionization detection in the extracts obtained by the proposed method, conventional Soxhlet and Weibull-Berntrop procedures (Soxhlet with a prior hydrolysis step), showed that the quality of the extracts obtained by the proposed procedure is better than that of the conventional alternatives, possibly due to the shorter time required by the accelerated method.