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Development of apple superficial scald, soft scald, core flush, and greasiness is reduced by MCP

Fan, X., Mattheis, J.P., Blankenship, S.
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 1999 v.47 no.8 pp. 3063-3068
Malus domestica, apples, cultivars, food storage, ethylene, ethylene production, metabolic inhibitors, temperature, ripening, postharvest physiology
1-Methylcyclopropene (MCP) was used to evaluate the role of ethylene in development of apple (Malus x domestica Borkh.) physiological disorders during storage. Granny Smith, Red Chief Delicious, and Fuji apple fruit were treated with MCP at a concentration of 1 microliter L(-1) for 12 h at 20 degrees C. For all varieties stored at 0 degrees C, ethylene production and respiration rates were reduced for several months following MCP treatment, and firmness and titratable acidity of treated fruit were higher compared to controls. Apples treated with MCP did not develop superficial scald or peel greasiness through 6 months storage plus ripening at 20 degrees C for 7 days. Core flush was not observed in MCP-treated fruit until 6 months after treatment when the incidence was still lower compared to control fruit. MCP delayed the rise in production of alpha-farnesene and reduced accumulation of its oxidation products.