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Comparison among Five Clones of "Primitivo" Vine in Southern Italy

Russo, Girlamo, Liuzzi, Vitantonio, D'Andrea, Laura, Alviti, Giovanna
Acta horticulturae 2003 no.603 pp. 779-786
Vitis vinifera, acidity, alcohols, clones, grape must, harvest date, malic acid, phenolic compounds, rootstocks, seeds, small fruits, tartaric acid, total soluble solids, vines, wine grapes, wines, Italy
"Primitivo" is one of the most important and ancient vines of southern Italy with black berry. In this study five clones (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5) of the same "Primitivo" vine on two rootstocks (140 R and 157/11), in two experimental fields [Valenzano (BA) and Otranto (BR)], in Southern Italy, were compared. Ampelographic characteristics of cluster (weight, length, width and number of berries per cluster) and of berry (weight, length, width and seeds number per berry) were observed at harvest time. Must composition (pH, total acidity, tartaric acid, soluble total solids and malic acid) and wine composition (alcohol, total acidity, pH, extracts, ashes, total phenolics and malic acid), were measured. Statistical differences were observed among clones, between experimental fields and between roostocks. The weight of cluster ranged from 375.57 g in clone 3 to 274.97 g in clone 5. The number of berries per cluster was 207.04 in mean and ranged from 229.09 in clone 3 to 162.81 in clone 5. Sugars in the must ranged from 19.55 % in clone 5 and 19.35 % in clone 4 to 18.25 in clone 2. In wine alcohol was in mean 11.33 Vol. % because the harvest was anticipated, to have whole clusters and berries and to notice differences among vines, it ranged from 11.56 Vol. % in clone 5 to 11.03 Vol. % in clone 3. In conclusion, each clone showed good ampelographic and enological characteristics, that were influenced by agronomical factors.