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Inheritance of earliness and length of kernel in rice

Jones, J.W., Adair, C.R., Beachell, H.M., Davis, L.L.
Agronomy journal 1935 v.27 no.11 pp. 910-921
crossing, Oryza sativa, isolation, seeds, length, early development, temperature, precipitation, humidity, inheritance (genetics), California, Texas, Arkansas
The segregation in F2 for date of first heading in the crosses Bozu X Edith and Bozu X Blue Rose appeared to be controlled by multiple genetic factors; in the cross Colusa X Edith mainly by complete genetic factors indicating a 9 late to 7 early ratio; and in the cross Colusa X Blue Rose largely by one main genetic factor giving about 3 late to 1 early plant. In the F2 populations of the crosses Butte X Edith, Caloro X Honduras (short- X long-grain), Lady Wright X Caloro (long- X short-grain), Colusa X Blue Rose (short- X medium-grain), and Edith X Blue Rose (long- X medium-grain) the length of kernel and the breadth of kernel in two crosses appeared to be controlled by m genetic factors. The F2 segregation at the three stations for date of first heading and kernel length was essentially the same regardless of the differences in climatic conditions. This indicates that under the condition three stations where this work was done, the nature of the segregation of hybrid material is determined primarily by the genotypic constitution of the varieties used rather than by the climatic conditions under which the material is grown.