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Methods for inspection of commercial legume inoculants

Hofer, A.W.
Agronomy journal 1936 v.28 no.8 pp. 655-671
legumes, Rhizobium, seed inoculation, nitrogen-fixing bacteria, strain differences, methodology, greenhouses, seeds, sanitizing, laboratory techniques, standardization
A review of new methods for legume inoculant inspection suggests several possibilities for improvement. The most important consists of a change from the present plan of examination for nodules to one that will measure the benefit which the individual cultures confer upon their hosts. At the present time the tests do not accomplish all that they might; they are still in a period of development. Improvement of inspection by use of a simple greenhouse efficiency test that correlates fairly well with field results is much to be desired. The actual realization of a workable plan for bringing the tests into close harmony with fundamental science and practical agriculture would have real value. It would, in fact, represent the end of the period of development in legume inoculant inspection and the beginning of a new period of practical utility based upon modem scientific knowledge.