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Effect of source, quality, and condition of seed upon the cold resistance of winter wheats

Suneson, C.A., Peltier, G.L.
Agronomy journal 1936 v.28 no.9 pp. 687-693
Triticum aestivum, varieties, seed quality, winter hardiness, variety trials, harvest date, weathering, mortality, seeds, color, provenance, cold tolerance
Winter wheat seedlings, some grown in the field and some in a greenhouse and mostly in the five- to eight-leaf stage of development, gave highly significant hardiness differences within the same varieties when different sources of seed were compared. Several specific variates, such as seed size, weathering, and protein content, were tested to establish their relationships to differences in hardiness. Variables such as seed size and protein content gave no consistent differences, while post-maturity factors, such as sprouting, weathering, or severe mechanical injury, gave significant differences in hardiness. The latter results extend the scope of seed variations, but fail to account for most of the differences in hardiness observed in the regional collections of the common winter wheat varieties considered. This subject deserves extended study because of the large variations obtained in comparative hardiness with small grains, especially with seed produced under unlike environments.