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Some factors which modify the rate and total amount of infiltration of field soils

Musgrave, G.W., Free, G.R.
Agronomy journal 1936 v.28 no.9 pp. 727-739
tillage, Medicago sativa, Poa pratensis, fallow, Zea mays, fields, soil, runoff, soil water, vegetation, soil depth, gravel, weight, volume, plant density, slope, soil erosion, erosion control, textural soil types, porosity
The study as a whole would indicate that, although rate may be greatly modified by changes in porosity induced by one or another means, and relatively by soil moisture content or vegetative cover, yet the dominant factor may well be the soil type, at least insofar as comparison between the permeable Marshall and the relatively impermeable Shelby are concerned. The transitory effects of cultivation and low soil moisture contents a doubtless account to a large degree for variations in run-off which are commonly found for similar rains. They cannot be relied upon, however, in the design of erosion control measures for which purpose infiltration rates of a conservatively low magnitude should be used.