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The evaluation of individual plants of white clover for yielding ability in association with bluegrass

Atwood, S.S., Garber, R.J.
Agronomy journal 1942 v.34 no.1 pp. 1-6
Trifolium repens, crop yield, clones, Poa, plant competition
Sixty-four clones of white clover were increased vegetatively and planted as rooted cuttings in small field plots replicated four times in lattice design. The plots were seeded with Kentucky bluegrass and clipped regularly with a lawn mower. Half of the plots were clipped with the mower set low (1 inch) and half high (2 inches). Yields were taken during the last two clippings of the second summer and throughout the third summer. Marked differences were noted in ability of the clones to persist in competition with the grass. The presence or absence of good clover was clearly reflected in the color and quantity of the associated grass. In both the high- and low-cut plots differences between clones in total 1940 yield were highly significant. The lattice design was more efficient than complete randomized blocks. In general, the taller, more spreading, and more densely growing clones produced better sod, but several exceptions were found.