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Effects of two insect growth regulators on the larval and pupal stages of the cabbage maggot (Diptera: Anthomyiidae)

Gordon, R., Young, T.L., Cornect, M., Hong, D.K.
Journal of economic entomology 1989 v.82 no.4 pp. 1040-1045
Delia radicum, larvae, pupae, hatching, fecundity, insect control, diflubenzuron, inhibitors, juvenile hormones, methoprene, dimethyl sulfoxide
Treatment of third instars and recently molted pupae of Delia radicum (L.) with methoprene suppressed eclosion to the adult stage in relation to the concentration applied. The fecundity of adults that developed from larvae and pupae treated with methoprene was not reduced compared with controls. Diflubenzuron, when applied topically in dimethylsulfoxide to larvae, did not affect the degree of adult eclosion or the fecundity of resultant adults. Eclosion was significantly suppressed by treatment of pupae with a high (1.0 microgram per insect) concentration of diflubenzuron in dimethylsulfoxide; adults that developed from treated pupae oviposited fewer eggs, with impaired capacity to hatch. However, Dimilin (a water-based commercial formulation of diflubenzuron) did not affect eclosion, and the fecundity of adults that developed from treated pupae was comparable to that of controls.