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Replacement of carbon-refined corn syrups with ion-exchanged corn syrups in ice cream formulations

Goff, H.D., McCurdy, R.D., Gullett, E.A.
Journal of food science 1990 v.55 no.3 pp. 827-840
ice cream, corn syrup, food quality, carbon, physical properties, sensory evaluation, ion exchange
Ice cream was manufactured utilizing ten corn syrups at 5% (dry basis) in the mix, 30 DE, 42 DE, 42 DE high maltose (HM), 55 DE HM and 64 DE, each of which was processed through the carbon-refined and ion-exchanged processes. An increase in DE of the syrup led to a decrease in mix viscosity, a decrease in the freezing point of the mix, a decrease in fat destabilization and a decrease in firmness of the ice cream. The ion-exchanged syrups decreased the mix viscosity and produced a drier ice cream with greater fat destabilization but had no influence on mix freezing point depression, overrun, firmness or meltdown. Sensory results from the 42DE HM carbon-refined and ion-exchanged products evaluated in this study showed no differences in sweetness or texture. The flavor and acceptability of 42DE HM carbon-refined syrup in ice cream was preferred less than the 42DE HM or 55DE HM ion-exchanged syrups.