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Controlling the mealworm Alphitobius diaperinus (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) in broiler and turkey houses: field trials with a combined insecticide treatment: insect growth regulator and pyrethroid

Salin, C., Delettre, Y.R., Vernon, P.
Journal of economic entomology 2003 v.96 no.1 pp. 126-130
broiler chickens, insect pests, poultry housing, turkeys, cyfluthrin, animal production, triflumuron, Alphitobius diaperinus, population density, insect control, France
Trials were conducted during one year under field conditions to control the lesser mealworm, Alphitobius diaperinus (Panzer), in broiler and turkey houses. The tested combined treatment included an adulticidal compound (pyrethroid: cyfluthrin) and a larvicidal compound (insect growth regulator [IGR]: triflumuron). The combined insecticide treatment greatly reduced the adult and larval stocks throughout the different broiler growing periods, and control of A. diaperinus populations was achieved by the end of the second treatment. Control of the insect population in a turkey house was not similar. A reestablishment of the insect population was observed during the second turkey growing period in summer. Building characteristics and management practices of the breeding system (duration of the breeding period, management of the litter) interact with the the combined insecticide treatment and lead to a different efficiency.