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Pork quality is affected by early postmortem phosphate and bicarbonate injection

Wynveen, E.J., Bowker, B.C., Grant, A.L., Lamkey, J.W., Fennewald, K.J., Henson, L., Gerrard, D.E.
Journal of food science 2001 v.66 no.6 pp. 886-891
pork, polyphosphates, injection, postmortem changes, meat quality, sodium bicarbonate, pH, meat carcasses
The ability of sodium polyphosphate (P) to alter postmortem pH declines and pork quality was investigated. Hams from electrically stimulated carcasses were injected 18 min postmortem with P or sodium bicarbonate (SB). P and SB reduced (P < 0.001) pH decline and improved (P < 0.05) color. P and SB administration improved water-holding capacity as indicated by reductions (P < 0.05) in drip loss, thaw loss, and cooking loss values. P and SB also reduced (P < 0.001) shear values. These data showed delivery of P and SB was effective in altering postmortem pH declines and improving the quality of pork.