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Effect of gluten content on recrystallisation kinetics and water mobility in wheat starch gels

Wang, X., Choi, S.G., Kerr, W.L.
Journal of the science of food and agriculture 2004 v.84 no.4 pp. 371-379
wheat starch, gels, gluten, carbohydrate content, retrogradation, reaction kinetics, physicochemical properties, food chemistry, breads
The effect of gluten on starch retrogradation at 5°C was studied using 1H NMR relaxometry. Gels were made from gluten and starch at 27.8 and 38.5% total solids and with gluten comprising either 10, 15 or 20% of the solids. Changes in the transverse relaxation time constant (T2) were related to water mobility. Mono-exponential analysis of relaxation curves showed that, in general, gluten retarded starch retrogradation. T2 values in gluten gels also decreased during storage, but to a much lesser extent. Distributed exponential analysis showed that two distinct regions of T2 were observed in all samples. During aging, the peak values of both regions shifted to lower values for all gels. Starch gel samples showed the most significant shift, and gluten gels showed the least. The three levels of gluten addition in starch/gluten gels produced similar shifts. For all samples the signal intensity of the less mobile region decreased more dramatically than that of the more mobile region during storage. It was suggested that gluten retards water loss in the granule remnants.