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Aroma compounds of malted acha (Digitaria exilis, Stapf)

Lasekan, O.O., Feijao-Teixeira, J.P.
Journal of food quality 2004 v.27 no.2 pp. 153-161
Digitaria exilis, malting, grain products, malt extract, odor compounds, volatile compounds, flavor compounds, gas chromatography, quantitative analysis, malt, sensory evaluation, off odors, flavor, sweetness, taste sensitivity, color, food choices, Nigeria
The flavor extract components of malted 'acha' (Digitaria exilis), which have not been studied prior to this report, were determined by gas chromatography with a mass selective detector. Volatile compounds were identified with a NBS 43 K.1 mass spectra library by Probability Based on Matching (PBM). A total of 14 peaks were detected and identified in the malted sample. The volatiles included, four aldehydes, one aromatic compound, an ester, a terpene, one aliphatic alcohol, five heterocyclic compounds of six membered rings. Quantitatively, heterocyclic compounds were the most abundant class of compounds identified. Six compounds, ethylacetate, 1-hydroxy-2-propanone, hexanal, pyrazine, 2, 5-dimethylpyrazine and 2, 3-dimethylpyrazine were identified as potential contributors to the flavor of malted acha. There was not a significant difference between the aroma quality of acha and crystal malt.