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Fiber content in the edible portion of eight mandarin orange cultivars

Perez-Lopez, A.J., Carbonell-Barrachina, A.A.
Journal of food quality 2005 v.28 no.2 pp. 154-162
cultivars, dietary fiber, acid detergent fiber, total soluble solids, mandarins, fruit quality, titratable acidity, pH, color, fruit composition, Spain
Eight commercial varieties of mandarin oranges grown in Spain (Nova, Ortanique, Satsuma, Marisol, Fortuna, Ellendale, Clementine and ecologic Clementine) were harvested in winter and analyzed for their fiber composition. The neutral detergent fiber (NDF) content, 21.32 ± 0.09%, was higher than the crude fiber (CF) content, 15.42 ± 0.10%, and the acid detergent fiber (ADF) content, 8.59 ± 0.05%. The CF contents were in the range of 14.55-16.50%, lower than previously reported, because only the edible portion was considered in this study. The relative content of CF of the eight cultivars studied was not consistent with those of the NDF and/or ADF. Clementine had the highest values of CF, but the lowest of NDF, with intermediate values of ADF. On the other hand, the cvs. Nova and Ortanique had the lowest values of CF, but the highest values of both NDF and ADF. Therefore, the most valuable mandarin orange cultivars, according to their fiber content, were traditional and ecologic Clementine, Nova and Ortanique.