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Waxy proteins and amylose content in diploid Triticeae species with genomes A, S and D

Rodriguez-Quijano, M., Vazquez, J.F., Carrillo, J.M.
Plant breeding 2004 v.123 no.3 pp. 294-296
Triticum, Aegilops, diploidy, seeds, endosperm, carbohydrate content, amylose, alleles, plant proteins, hexosyltransferases, polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, electrophoresis
A collection of 89 accessions of diploid species of wheat was analysed for waxy protein in the grain: 39 accessions of Einkorn wheats, 41 accessions of Sitopsis section wheat and nine accessions of Triticum tauschii. The electrophoretic patterns showed low polymorphism. In each group of wheat, a single and different allele was detected. In accessions of Einkorn wheats that allele had a similar electrophoretical mobility to the Wx-A1a allele of the bread wheat 'Chinese Spring', in accessions of the Sitopsis section it had a similar mobility to that of the Wx-B1f allele of tetraploid wheat, and in the accessions of T. tauschii, it was similar to the Wx-D1a allele of the bread wheat 'Chinese Spring'. The accessions were also analysed for apparent amylose content. Results showed that amylose content ranged from 22 to 35% in Einkorn wheats, from 28 to 41% in the Sitopsis section and from 26 to 35% in accessions of T. tauschii.