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Effects of different lime application rates and time on some chemical properties of an acid soil in Ghana

Osei, B.A.
Soil use and management 1995 v.11 no.1 pp. 25-29
tropical soils, acid soils, Oxisols, calcium carbonate, soil depth, soil pH, phosphorus, nutrient availability, exchangeable aluminum, aluminum, soil toxicity, application rate, duration, Ghana
Finely ground calcium carbonate was applied at six rates (0-7.0 t/ha) to samples from four depths of an acid tropical soil (Oxisol). The mixtures were kept moist and maintained at 18 degrees C for a period of 30 days. There was a significant increase (> 28%) in soil pH at all the sampling depths. Extractable P also increased significantly (> 90%). Significant positive correlations between pH, extractable P and liming rate were obtained (r > 0.9, P = 0.01). The effect of time was significant only on the 10th day after liming, when soil pH had stabilized. Exchangeable Al was completely eliminated on the 5th day after liming, when most of the soil samples had pH values > 5.0. The results clearly indicate that liming, as a management practice, could be used to alleviate or prevent acidification of Oxisols like the soil studied.