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Polymorphism identification within 50 equine gene-specific sequence tagged sites

Shubitowski, D.M., Venta, P.J., Douglass, C.L., Zhou, R.X., Ewart, S.L.
Animal genetics 2001 v.32 no.2 pp. 78-88
horses, genes, nucleotide sequences, chromosome mapping, horse breeds, breed differences, exons, gene frequency, alleles
The continued discovery of polymorphisms in the equine genome will be important for future studies using genomic screens and fine mapping for the identification of disease genes. Segments of 50 equine genes were examined for variability in 10 different horse breeds using a pool-and-sequence method. We identified 11 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in 9380 bp of sequenced exon, and 25 SNPs, six microsatellites, and one insertion/deletion in 16961 bp of sequenced intron. Of all genes studied 52% contained at least one polymorphism, and polymorphisms were found at an overall rate of 1/613 bp. Several of the putative SNPs were tested and verified by restriction enzyme analysis using natural restriction sites or ones created by primer mutagenesis. The lowest allele frequency for a SNP detected in pooled samples was 10%. Three of the SNPs verified in the diverse horse pool were further tested in six breed-specific horse pools and were found to be reasonably variable within breeds. The pool-and-sequence method allows identification of polymorphisms in horse populations and will be a valuable tool for future disease gene and comparative mapping in horses.