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Polymorphisms in cadidate genes as markers for sperm quality and boar fertility

Wimmers, K., Lin, C.L., Tholen, E., Jennen, D.G.J., Schellander, K., Ponsuksili, S.
Animal genetics 2005 v.36 no.2 pp. 152-155
semen, microsatellite repeats, boars, volume, food animals, animal proteins, sperm motility, male fertility, exons, spermatozoa, introns, litter size, genetic markers, single nucleotide polymorphism
α-Actinins (ACTN1 and ACTN4) and γ-actin (ACTG2), were investigated as candidate genes on the basis of their known functions, for their possible association with sperm concentration, motility, semen volume per ejaculate, plasma droplets rate, abnormal sperm rate and the fertility traits, non-return rate and number of piglets born alive. Polymorphisms were identified in intron 18 (G>A) of the porcine ACTN1 gene and in exon 22 (A>C) of the porcine ACTN4 gene by comparative sequencing of animals from the Pietrain (PI) and Hampshire (HA) breeds. Pietrain (n = 244) and crossbreed PI x HA (n = 112) boars from an artificial insemination boar station were genotyped for the single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) within ACTN1 and ACTN4 as well as for a previously described microsatellite within ACTG2. The study provides evidence for effects of ACTN1 on fertility and of ACTG2 on sperm quality traits, while no indication of impact of ACTN4 on any of these traits was found.