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Ultrastructure of Bacillus pulvifaciens

Ludvik, J., Benada, O., Drobnikova, V.
Archives of microbiology 1993 v.159 no.2 pp. 114-118
bacterial spores, Bacillus (bacteria)
The ultrastructure of vegetative cells and spores of Bacillus pulvifaciens was studied by CTEM and SEM methods. The vegetative cells are rods, 1.6-4.5 micrometers long and 0.4-0.6 micrometers wide, exhibiting typical ultrastructural features of Gram-positive bacteria. The spores are of ellipsoidal shape, 0.6 X 1.2 micrometers in size, with six longitudinal ribs reaching up to 130 nm in height. There are satellite ribs on both sides of the longitudinal ribs, reaching up to 20 nm in height. Between the longitudinal ribs, additional transversal ribs were observed in SEM. A special tubular layer, separating the outer and inner coat of the spores, was revealed in ultrathin sections. This layer seems to be a typical ultrastructural feature of Bacillus pulvifaciens spores.