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Analyses in transgenic tobacco of the promoter from a Brassica napus gene highly expressed in the stigma

Robert, L.S., Levesque-Lemay, M., Gerster, J.L., Hong, H.P., Keller, W.
Plant cell reports 1999 v.18 no.5 pp. 357-362
Arabidopsis thaliana, genetic transformation, gene transfer, transgenic plants, Agrobacterium radiobacter, developmental stages, clones, gene expression, stigma, amino acid sequences, Nicotiana tabacum, genes, Brassica napus, nucleotide sequences, enzyme activity, histochemistry, beta-glucuronidase
A genomic clone, Pis G363, containing the Brassica napus stigma-expressed gene Pis 63-2 was isolated and sequenced. The coding region of Pis G363 does not possess introns and shows 82% identity to the nucleotide sequence of a gene from Arabidopsis BAC clone T01B08. A 2-kb promoter fragment from Pis G363 was fused to the coding sequence of the marker enzyme beta-glucuronidase (GUS) and introduced into tobacco via Agro-bacterium-mediated transformation. The promoter fragment directed expression of the GUS gene in the stigma of transgenic tobacco. Some transformants also showed relatively low GUS activity in the pollen.