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Structure of Aegilops ventricosa chromosome 6Nv, the donor of wheat genes Yr17, Lr37, Sr38, and Cre5

Tanguy, A.M., Coriton, O., Abelard, P., Dedryver, F., Jahier, J.
Genome 2005 v.48 no.3 pp. 541-546
Aegilops ventricosa, chromosomes, chromosome translocation, chromosome addition, Triticum aestivum, wheat, in situ hybridization, cytogenetics, genome, isozymes, meiosis, chromosome pairing, chromatin
An Aegilops ventricosa Tausch (2n = 28, D(v)D(v)N(v)N(v)) subtelocentric chromosome added to wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) in a disomic addition line was found to carry the genes for resistance Yr17, Lr37, Sr38, and Cre5 already transferred onto chromosome 2AS of the wheat line VPM1. Previous works demonstrated that this Ae. ventricosa chromosome is translocated with respect to the standard wheat genome. The present investigations showed that this chromosome pre-existed in Ae. ventricosa and contains only chromatin specific to the N genome. Using biochemical markers and suitable cytogenetic materials including the monoisosomic addition line for the translocated long arm (6N(v)L-2N(v)S), its structure was defined as being 6N(v)Sdel.6N(v)L-2N(v)S. It consists of a segment of the short arm 2N(v), containing the resistance genes, attached to a group 6 chromosome lacking a distal part of its short arm. The 2 rearrangements could already be present in Aegilops uniaristata Vis. (2n = 14, NN), the source of the N(v) genome of Ae. ventricosa.