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Origin, structure, and behavior of a highly rearranged deletion chromosome 1BS-4 in wheat

Qi, L., Friebe, B., Gill, B.S.
Genome 2005 v.48 no.4 pp. 591-597
Triticum aestivum, wheat, physical chromosome mapping, chromosome elimination, chromosome translocation, cytogenetics, lines
Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) deletion (del) stocks are valuable tools for the physical mapping of molecular markers and genes to chromosome bins delineated by 2 adjacent deletion breakpoints. The wheat deletion stocks were produced by using gametocidal genes derived from related Aegilops species. Here, we report on the origin, structure, and behavior of a highly rearranged chromosome 1BS-4. The cytogenetic and molecular marker analyses suggest that 1BS-4 resulted from 2 breakpoints in the 1BS arm and 1 breakpoint in the 1BL arm. The distal segment from 1BS, except for a small deleted part, is translocated to the long arm. Cytologically, chromosome 1BS-4 is highly stable, but shows a unique meiotic pairing behavior. The short arm of 1BS-4 fails to pair with a normal 1BS arm because of lack of homology at the distal ends. The long arm of 1BS-4 only pairs with a normal 1BS arm within the distal region translocated from 1BS. Therefore, using the 1BS-4 deletion stock for physical mapping will result in the false allocation of molecular markers and genes proximal to the breakpoint of 1BS-4.