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Interspecific hybridizations in the Elymus semicostatus group (Poaceae)

Salomon, B.
Genome = 1993 v.36 no.5 pp. 899-905
Elymus, interspecific hybridization, meiosis, phylogeny, chromosome pairing, genomics
Meiotic pairing in 16 interspecific hybrids in the genus Elymus is reported. The hybrids were made among seven species in the Elymus semicostatus group, viz., E. semicostatus, E. validus (subgroup I), E. abolinii (subgroup II), E. fedtschenkoi, E. nevskii, E. praeruptus (subgroup III), and E. panormitanus (subgroup IV). All species are tetraploid (2n = 4x = 28) and possess the SY genomes. Meiotic pairing was distinctly higher in hybrids made within subgroups than between subgroups, but the genomes in E. panormitanus have differentiated from those in the other species. These results generally support the subdivision of the E. semicostatus group based on morphological data but also indicate that the subgroups are more distantly related than previously believed, and that the group may be nonmonophyletic.