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New trends in food processing

Senorans, F.J., Ibanez, E., Cifuentes, A.
Critical reviews in food science and nutrition 2003 v.43 no.5 pp. 507-526
food processing, new methods, new technology, food technology, functional foods, food fortification, natural additives, food biotechnology, health foods, probiotics, prebiotics, food preservation, nonthermal processing, minimally processed foods, food processing quality, polymerase chain reaction, biosensors, image analysis, magnetic resonance imaging
In this work some of the newest trends in food processing are reviewed. This revision intends to provide an updated overview (including works published until February 2001) on the newest food processes, including food manufacturing, preservation, and control. Modern processes for food and food ingredients manufacturing based on membrane technology, supercritical fluid technology, and some applications of biotechnology are presented, mainly applied to obtain functional foods, "all-natural" enriched foods, probiotics and prebiotics. Also included is a critical assessment concerning non-thermal preservation techniques used for food preservation, such as high hydrostatic pressure, pulsed electric fields, ultrasound, pulsed light, hurdle systems, etc. Finally, a group of new analytical techniques (i.e., molecular techniques such as Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), food image analysis, and biosensors) and their use for food and process control is reviewed.