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Rice with fish culture in the semi-deep waters of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam: a socio-economical survey

Rothuis, A.J., Nhan, D.K., Richter, C.J.J., Ollevier, F.
Aquaculture research 1998 v.29 no.1 pp. 47-57
Oryza sativa, fish culture, surveys, farming systems, introduced species, crop yield, yields, cost benefit analysis, water, pesticides, fertilizers, biodiversity, economic analysis, application rate, Vietnam
The results of a socio-economical survey of farming systems practising rice culture with introduced fish, rice culture with indigenous fish and rice monoculture in the semi-deep waters of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, are presented. Rice and fish yields, inputs, and cost-benefits were computed to evaluate the agricultural effects of rice with fish culture. Household size, labour availability and educational level were not significantly different among the three farming systems. Rice-fish farming systems differed mainly from rice monoculture by a higher fertilizer/water requirement and less pesticide use. The total farm cash and net return did not differ among the farming systems. The main beneficial effects of rice-fish culture are thought to be related to environmental sustainability, system biodiversity, farm diversification and household nutrition.