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One-Row Machine for the Harvest of Corn Stover

Frerichs, R., Brentlinger, R., Shapiro, C. A., Moomaw, R. S.
Agronomy journal 1993 v.85 no.5 pp. 1096-1097
Zea mays, corn stover, mechanical harvesting, research equipment, field experimentation, data collection
Many corn (L.) experiments require total dry matter determination in addition to grain yield. Mechanized small-plot grain harvest is a common practice, but determination of total dry matter is usually accomplished by hand harvesting. Hand harvesting is time consuming and labor intensive. Our objective was to construct a mechanized stover sampling system that would reduce the labor requirements for collecting dry matter data. A machine was assembled that cuts, chops, and delivers corn stover to a bag without hand cutting and carrying. A New Holland 707 forage harvester was modified and rear-mounted on a Model 1910 Ford tractor to harvest a single row with a minimum width of 0.76 m. Chopped corn stover is blown through a tube over the top of the tractor to a platform on the front of the tractor where the material is collected and weighed. By using this machine, the number of people needed for data collection is reduced from eight to three, and longer rows can be harvested to increase experimental precision.