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Compatibilidade de inseticidas e acaricidas com o percevejo predador Podisus nigrispinus (Dallas) (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) em algodoeiro

Torres, J.B., Silva-Torres, C.S.A., Silva, M.R., Ferreira, J.F.
Neotropical entomology 2002 v.31 no.2 pp. 311-317
Gossypium, cotton, Alabama argillacea, insect pests, Podisus, biological control agents, insect control, biological control, chemical control, integrated pest management, predator-prey relationships, toxicity, mortality, insecticides, acaricides, pesticide residues, predators, Brazil
The objectives of this work were to study the insecticides espinosad, lambdacyhalothrin and monocrotophos on the control of Alabama argillacea (Hubner), the compatibility of these insecticides with the predatory stinkbug Podisus nigrispinus (Dallas), and the effects of the insecticides and acaricides methiocarb, pymetrozine, thiamethoxam, abamectin, diafenthiuron, dicofol and propargite on the predatory stinkbug behavior preying upon A. argillacea under field conditions. More than 90% of cotton leafworm control was obtained at the day 0 of application with all insecticides. Control of A. argillacea by lambdacyhalothrin (20 g a.i./ha) and monocrotophos (240 and 320 g a.i./ha) was observed up to day 3 after application; while spinosad (30 and 60 g a.i./ha) prolonged control up to day 5. Monocrotophos and lambdacyhalothrin were significantly more toxic to P. nigrispinus compared to spinosad. Toxicity of monocrotophos and lambdacyhalothrin to P. nigrispinus was evident up to day 3 after application. Survival of P. nigrispinus was affected by methiocarb, thiamethoxam, diafenthiuron, abamectin and sulfur one day after application and only under thiamethoxam treatment after three days. Pymetrozine, dicofol and propargite did not affect P. nigrispinus survival compared to untreated plants. Podisus nigrispinus at the day of application did not prey on A. argillacea under methiocarb treatment, and the predation rate was affected under thiamethoxam, abamectin, diafenthiuron and sulfur treatments at the day of application and after three days. The insecticides pymetrozine and spinosad, and the acaricides dicofol and propargite were compatible to P. nigrispinus and should be considered within a cotton pest management program.