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Involvement of corticosterone in food intake, food passage time and in vivo uptake of nutrients in the chicken (Gallus domesticus)

Nasir, A., Moudgal, R.P., Singh, N.B.
British poultry science 1999 v.40 no.4 pp. 517-522
chickens, feed intake, nutrient uptake, calcium, phosphorus, glucose, digestive tract, corticosterone
1. To evaluate the effect of corticosterone on nutrient transport, 10-week-old male chickens were grouped in 4 categories and treated as follows: sham-operated, adrenalectomised, corticosterone (4 mg/kg injected subcutaneously for 5 d) in both sham-operated and adrenalectomised. The food intake, food passage time and uptake of calcium, phosphorus and glucose were determined by standard procedures. 2. Corticosterone administration to both sham-operated and adrenalectomised groups stimulated significantly higher food intake, delayed food passage time and increased uptake of calcium, phosphorus and glucose, as compared to sham-operated control and adrenalectomised groups. 3. Corticosterone administration increased absorption of these nutrients significantly more in the adrenalectomised group than in the sham-operated controls. 4. Corticosterone also significantly elevated the plasma concentrations of these nutrients. The responses to the hormone were significantly greater in adrenalectomised birds. 5. It is concluded that corticosterone increases food intake and retention and the absorption of calcium, phosphorus and glucose in the alimentary tract.