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Organic product avoidance. Reasons for rejection and potential buyers' identification in a countrywide survey

Fotopoulos, C., Krystallis, A.
British food journal 2002 v.104 no.3/4/5 pp. 233-260
organic foods, consumer behavior, consumer attitudes, consumer surveys, demography, socioeconomic status, food purchasing, knowledge, food beliefs, traditions, food quality, nutrition, diet, Greece
The present study attempts to offer more insights into the Greek organic market. It examines the organic products as "eco products"; suitable for "green" consumers, conscious in matters of ecology-environment, who follow a wider health and quality-sensitive stance of life. Analyzing a countrywide sample, the survey concludes that three consumer types exist in terms of attitude towards, purchase intention and awareness of organic products: the "unaware", the "aware non-users", and the "aware users" (or simply users) of organic food products. After developing a detailed profile of the other two, the "aware non-users" type is segmented in terms of five groups of personality and behavioral factors defined in the international literature as the driving forces of organic purchase. Then, organic products' rejection reasons and potential organic buyer segments are revealed and their profile is fully described.