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Polymorphisms of the Resistin Gene and Their Association with Obesity and Resistin Levels in Malaysian Malays

Apalasamy, Yamunah Devi, Rampal, Sanjay, Salim, Agus, Moy, Foong Ming, Su, Tin Tin, Majid, Hazreen Abdul, Bulgiba, Awang, Mohamed, Zahurin
Biochemical genetics 2015 v.53 no.4-6 pp. 120-131
alleles, body mass index, genotyping, haplotypes, obesity, resistin, single nucleotide polymorphism, waist circumference, Malaysia
Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) in the resistin gene (RETN) are linked to obesity and resistin levels in various populations. However, results have been inconsistent. This study aimed to investigate association between polymorphisms in the resistin gene with obesity in a homogenous Malaysian Malay population. This study is also aimed to determine association between resistin levels with certain SNPs and haplotypes of RETN. A total of 631 Malaysian Malay subjects were included in this study and genotyping was carried out using Sequenom MassARRAY. There was no significant difference found in both allelic and genotype frequencies of each of the RETN SNPs between the obese and non-obese groups after Bonferroni correction. RETN rs34861192 and rs3219175 SNPs were significantly associated with log-resistin levels. The GG genotype carriers are found to have higher levels of log-resistin compared to A allele carriers. The RETN haplotypes (CAG, CGA and GA) were significantly associated with resistin levels. However, the haplotypes of the RETN gene were not associated with obesity. Resistin levels were not correlated to metabolic parameters such as body weight, waist circumference, body mass index, and lipid parameters. RETN SNPs and haplotypes are of apparent functional importance in the regulation of resistin levels but are not correlated with obesity and related markers.