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Validation of atmospheric aerosols parallel sampling in a multifold device

Oliveira, C. M., Camões, M. F., Bigus, P., Fachado, A. A., Silva, R. B.
Environmental monitoring and assessment 2015 v.187 no.6 pp. 380
aerosols, anions, chlorides, ion exchange chromatography, particulates, sulfates, uncertainty, water solubility
In this work, particulate matter was collected using an active sampling system consisting of a PM₁₀ (<10 μm) inlet coupled to a multifold device containing six channels, connected to a vacuum pump. Each channel was equipped with a filter holder fitted with adequately chosen filters. The system was fixed on a metallic structure, which was placed on the roof of the laboratory building, at the Faculty of Sciences, in Lisbon. Sampling took place under flow-controlled conditions. Aerosols were extracted from the filters with water, in defined conditions, and the water-soluble fraction was quantified by ion chromatography (IC) for the determination of inorganic anions (Cl⁻, NO₃ ⁻ and SO₄ ²⁻). Equivalent sampling through the various channels was validated. Validation was based on the metrological compatibility of the content results for the various filters. Ion masses are metrologically equivalent when their absolute difference is smaller than the respective expanded uncertainty. When this condition is verified, the studied multifold device produces equivalent samples.