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Sequence studies on the soybean chloroplast 16S-23S rDNA spacer region: comparison with other angiosperm sequences and proposal of a generalized RNA secondary structure model for the intergenic regions

Lanversin, G. de., Pillay, D.T.N., Jacq, B.
Plant molecular biology 1987 v.10 no.1 pp. 65-82
protein secondary structure, Glycine max, ribosomal RNA, restriction mapping, ribosomal DNA, chloroplast DNA, transfer RNA, alanine, genes, isoleucine, nucleotide sequences, DNA conformation, genomics, intergenic DNA, chloroplasts
The sequence of the ribosomal spacer region of soybean chloroplast DNA including the 3' end of the 16S rRNA gene, the tRNA(Ala) and tRNA(Ile) genes (but not their introns), the three intergenic regions and the 5' end of the 23S rRNA gene, has been determined. This sequence has been compared to corresponding regions of other angiosperm chloroplast DNAs. Secondary structure models are proposed for the entirety, of the intergenic regions a, b and c and for the flanking rRNA regions. A model for a common secondary structure of the ribosomal spacer intergenic regions from chloroplasts of higher plants is proposed, which is supported by comparative evidence.