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The long-term impacts of orphanhood on education attainment and land inheritance among adults in rural Kenya

Yamano, Takashi
Agricultural economics 2007 v.37 no.2-3 pp. 141-149
adulthood, adults, brothers, economic impact, education, household surveys, households, parents, sisters, Kenya
Although the long-term economic impacts of the AIDS epidemic on orphans have been major concerns, few studies have investigated the impacts of orphan status into adulthood. Therefore, this article examines the education attainment and land inheritance of former orphans, who have lost at least one parent before reaching the age of 15 years, by using household surveys in Kenya. We find about a one-year lower educational attainment among former maternal orphans compared with former nonorphans among adults who started schooling before the Free Primary Education program introduced in 1974 but not among adults who started schooling after 1974. On inherited land, we find no significant difference between households headed by former orphans and nonorphans, after controlling for land owned by parents, numbers of brothers and sisters, and birth order among brothers.